We’re back from our working stint in San Francisco and we’re very happy to be home, though we will miss the new friends we made while living there. I’ll be making packs of cards again soon!



Here is a link to my gorgeous friend Denise’s cool blog called justalittlebitloudernow She sent out some blog love to nelson & rose last week…she is digging the new cards. Thanks dk x

More Summer fun on the Barwon Heads Red Beanbag!




Check out my new Nelson & Rose website!


How cute is this photo of my niece on her red beanbag? Little bubs aren’t supposed to sit in beanbags but I just had to pop her into it for 5 seconds so that I could take a quick snap. It’s a bit fuzzy as I took it with my iphone. Cute! She’ll LOVE snuggling into it when she’s older.

I always drop in to Yelo – many, many times when I’m back home in Perth. It’s the preferred coffee hangout for most of my mates and family who live around the area near the surf. My old turf. My parents live down the road in Sorrento. The Yelo crew make the best coffee. They sell my cards too! Check out their website. The images are cool.



New card range!


I went into Elephant in Sorrento a few weeks ago and took some snaps. Local girls Jade Harris and Aleshia Commons have sourced cool pieces of vintage furniture and mixed things up with interesting and eclectic objects from Indonesia. The Ikat cushions are really beautiful and they are a perfect size. There are three Nelson & Rose Beanbags on display – they work really well with the vintage furniture, cowhide rugs and other colourful pieces.

It’s exciting and so refreshing to have a new store in Sorrento – we needed a bit of vintage flair down this way. LoVe it girls!


George Street

Sorrento, Victoria 3943

Contact: ph 0415 957 922 jadeha75@hotmail.com

The Assembly Hall in Williamstown is a beautiful store filled with very cool and unique bits and pieces that a sourced locally and from the rest of Australia and the world. The vibrant and eclectic collection in store will absolutely blow your mind – it’s like an Aladdin’s Cave of treasure! The Assembly Hall now stock Nelson & Rose Leather Beanbags. Jess and Sam have a swatch of the different coloured leathers available and are taking custom orders. Brilliant!

Go and check out The Assembly Hall, you’ll love it, and Williamstown is an awesome little place. You could easily spend half the day there wandering around and taking in the stunning scenery along the waterfront, eating yummy food and enjoying the cool ‘Willy’ vibe.

Photos courtesy of the lovely folk at Peace, Love & Letterpress – thanks Bec!

96 Douglas Parade, Williamstown VIC 3016
(03) 9397 6928

This is one of the favourites! It is made of amazingly soft leather, which has a very rustic and scarred look. It is honestly the softest and most comfortable leather beanbag I’ve ever made. This one has been made for my friends Willie and Jo. Another Woodland Beanbag is currently on show at the cool new store ‘Elephant’ in Sorrento, Victoria. It is located next to Herman Store at 1 George Street, Sorrento. The girls at ‘Elephant’ stock a small but awesome range of vintage furniture and cool bits and pieces.

Please contact me by email if you would like a small sample of this leather mailed to you.

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